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Accepted Insurance

Helping patients understand how insurance plans and healthcare benefits affect care access and costs.


We know that it can be stressful to navigate the insurance coverage process, 但巴黎人会员登录努力让它尽可能顺利.

We accept a variety of plans from insurance companies at all of our locations. To verify if your insurance plan is accepted for services across our health system, please review our list of accepted insurance companies below.

If your insurance company is accepted by Cleveland Clinic: Please contact your insurance company to confirm what care is covered by your plan as well as information on copayments, 免赔额和共同保险金额. See what your out-of-pocket expenses will be using our cost estimator.

If your insurance company is not accepted by Cleveland Clinic: This means your insurance plan is considered out-of-network which can lead to greater out-of-pocket expenses for your care. Please contact your insurance company for more information about what your financial responsibility may be if you choose to receive care at Cleveland Clinic. Find more information about Cleveland Clinic’s out-of-network insurance process.

Where Can I Find Insurance Plans Accepted at Cleveland Clinic Locations Outside of the Greater Cleveland Area?

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Which Insurance Plans Are Accepted at Cleveland Clinic?

Below is the list of plans that are accepted at Cleveland Clinic main campus, our family health centers and community hospitals in Northeast Ohio.

The list below is for reference purposes only and is subject to change. Not all plans within the companies listed are considered participating. Always check with your health plan to confirm that Cleveland Clinic is included.

Commercial Plans

Health insurance that is typically employer-sponsored or privately purchased.

Exchange Plans

也被称为健康保险市场, 一种帮助个人的服务, families and small businesses with medical insurance.

Medicaid Plans

The country’s public health insurance program for low-income families and individuals, including children, pregnant women, 老年人和残疾人.


The federal government’s health insurance program for people ages 65 and older, and certain younger people with disabilities or kidney failure.



Other Plans

Other plans accepted by Cleveland Clinic, including coverage for dental, behavioral health and more.

Transplant Plans

Health insurance for those who have received a transplanted organ.




Want to know the cost of your upcoming surgery, diagnostic procedure or exam? 试试巴黎人会员登录的成本估算师. This is an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs for test(s) and/or procedure(s) at Cleveland Clinic. 这不是你最终账单的保证. 搜索类别,关键字或CPT代码.

Cleveland Clinic doctor on tablet during virtual visit


Cleveland Clinic provides virtual visits for your convenience and health. Virtual visits are not covered by all insurance plans. In order to fully understand your benefits and potential cost, contact your insurance company and ask if virtual visits are included in your plan and if not, what it may cost you.


What is Oscar? 为你准备的健康保险.

Oscar is partnering with Cleveland Clinic to put your health insurance on the same team as you and your doctor. 结果是:简单、负担得起、有指导的护理. Every 克里夫兰诊所+奥斯卡 member will have access to the vast Cleveland Clinic network of physicians, 医院和专科护理.

eHealth +巴黎人入口

What is eHealth? 帮助找到合适的医疗保险覆盖范围.

巴黎人入口已经使用了电子健康, 独立保险经纪人, to help you find the Medicare coverage that best meets your needs. To speak with a licensed eHealth insurance agent and discuss plans for free with no obligation to enroll, call 1.844.972.2702 (TTY 711)或访问他们的网站如下.

Still Need Help? 与病人的财务提倡者交谈

Still Need Help? 与病人的财务提倡者交谈

Schedule a callback time with a Patient Financial Advocate at Cleveland Clinic. You may also contact a Patient Financial Advocate (PFA) directly at 844.500.9451.

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